'Son of Zorn' Director/EP Eric Appel Talks Pushing the Network TV Envelope

‘Son of Zorn’ Director/EP Eric Appel Talks Pushing the Network TV Envelope

This Sunday, following a “preview episode” earlier this month, Son of Zorn’s titular animated barbarian will rejoin his estranged live-action family for the FOX show’s series premiere. Zorn stars Jason Sudeikis as a divorced He-Man leaving his home of Zephyria to reconnect with his son in Orange County. Its first episode—directed and executive produced by Eric Appel, who’s directed everything from Garfunkel and Oates music videos (“Handjob, Bland Job, I Don’t Understand Job”) to Silicon Valley—is deceptively lowkey, with plenty of nuanced delivery and impressive technical flourish. It’s also got something called the Brain Gouger. This mix of low- and highbrow is a perfect fit for Appel; it’s already clear that he and his team are deliviering one of the most ambitious network comedies in recent memory. In the following conversation with, the writer/director/producer discusses manhood, Who Killed Roger Rabbit? and how Zorn’s world has a much kinder stance towards…

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