How Realistic are the Surveillance Scenes in 'Mr. Robot'? A Hacking Expert Zeroes In

How Realistic are the Surveillance Scenes in ‘Mr. Robot’? A Hacking Expert Zeroes In

This week, we got the origin story of the Evil Corp hack and its connection to the Monopoly-man mask of fsociety. It’s from the (fake) 1984 movie The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie, where much bludgeoning of the well-to-do occurs. Why? Who knows, but Darlene laments that America isn’t truly classless, and she and Elliot get solace from the cheesy horror scenes. This is when Elliot hatches his plot to go inside Allsafe as a mole, much like Edward Snowden did with his job at the NSA, and to then infiltrate E Corp and take them down. (In Hackerland, there is a lot of score-keeping and revenge to be had.) In a brilliant meta-move, the first scenes of the movie, studded with gore and gratuitous nudity, is online here. You know you’re going to have to watch it right now. We see that Eliott wants to make sure E Corp can’t rebuild, a total scorched-earth attack like what happened to Sony Pictures. He knows the hardest part of any large hack is ultimately getting away with it, and…

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