Kevin Durand Talks 'The Strain' Season 3, the 'Vamps Boom' Video and More

Kevin Durand Talks ‘The Strain’ Season 3, the 'Vamps Boom’ Video and More

You might know Kevin Durand as Martin Keamy, the cold-blooded mercenary from LOST who met his bloody end at the hands of Benjamin Linus. The Canadian-bred actor donned a 100-pound fat suit to bring the Blob to life in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he played Barry Burton in Resident Evil: Retribution. And now Durand is playing yet another beloved character: Vasiliy Fet, the Ukrainian rat exterminator turned vampire killer in The Strain—the FX series produced by Carlton Cuse (LOST) and based on the trilogy of horror novels by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Durand, along with some of his Strain costars, recently promoted the coming of the next season in an unusual way. Believe it or not, the towering 42-year-old actor dabbled with hip-hop music early in his career. He put his old musical and comedic talents to work and co-wrote a music video called “Vamps Boom,” which debuted at Comic-Con last month. We called the actor to ask him about the video as well as his other…

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