An Afternoon in Los Feliz with 'Blunt Talk' Creator Jonathan Ames

An Afternoon in Los Feliz with ‘Blunt Talk’ Creator Jonathan Ames

Jonathan Ames does not watch TV. He does not go to the movies. He no longer reads literature other than genre fiction. He does not cook or get out often in Los Angeles. He moved here from New York two years ago to work on Blunt Talk, the Starz show he created at the behest of its producer, Seth MacFarlane, as a comedic vehicle for Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Patrick Stewart. Ames no longer writes nonfiction. As a columnist for The New York Press and as a freelance writer in the mid ‘90s he penned hundreds of sexually daring, ridiculously tender autobiographical essays that have since been anthologized into four critically acclaimed books (What’s Not to Love—The Adventures of a Mildly Perverted Young Writer, My Less Than Secret Life, I Love You More than You Know and The Double Life is Twice as Good), but he says he has “a total anathema to writing from the first person.” By the looks of his desk in East Los Angeles, he does not open his mail. By his own admission,…

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