Lap Dances, Tattoos and... Fine Art? Meet Art Basel’s Sexy Little Sister

Lap Dances, Tattoos and… Fine Art? Meet Art Basel’s Sexy Little Sister

If you’re among the tens of thousands of art lovers currently flying south to brave Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, you face the daunting prospect of prioritizing which of #ABMB16’s hundreds of events and exhibits to pack into a single weekend of sandy, overstimulating days and sticky, mojito-drenched nights. While there’s plenty of beauty and talent to glean from Basel’s official programming, you’re likely to reach a point when the thought of one more confusing minute with a velvet-roped, armed-guarded Banksy car door with a $145,000 price tag makes you want to exit through the Miami Convention Center gift shop. Luckily, there are other options. One of them is SATELLITE, a smaller, seedier fair that champions uncensored creativity and a multi-disciplinary mix of high- and lowbrow contributors, and serves as an antidote to Basel’s more white-walled fare. The second edition of the concept-based, artist-driven event features 45 exhibitors spanning four stories of repurposed…

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