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Funny AND Gorgeous: The 32 Hottest Comediennes

By Tyler Lemco

There are boob guys. There are butt guys. There are leg guys. My favorite feature is actually the eyes. Each guy has their own personal preference when it comes to what they find attractive on a woman. One often-overlooked component, which deserves as much value as anything else you could factor in when accurately formulating an opinion on a lady: sense of humor. Perhaps not to everyone, but to many, being funny is the sexiest thing a woman can do. If a girl makes me laugh, I will forever look at her with heart eyes and want to hold the door for her and lay down on puddles for her to walk over.

This gallery is filled with some of the funniest ladies on the planet. It also doesn’t hurt that they all happen to be drop-dead gorgeous as well. It’s every guys dream: someone with the look of a lingerie model but who makes boner jokes and flicks boogers. Ah, the feels.