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This 46 Bedroom, 26 Bathroom Texas House Is For Sale, And It's Absolutely Nuts

By Nicole Theodore

When I mean house, I actually mean compound. The 60,175 square-foot monster in Manvel, Texas is up for grabs for a lofty $3.5 million. You know, in case you want to house your own cult. In addition to the 46 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms, it sits on 15 acres, has a swimming pool, a 9 car garage, a spa and its own elevator. There has to be a catch, right? Besides the fact that it’s clearly unfinished, it has a bit of an odd Paranormal Activity-like backstory. A doctor and his wife built the insane property in 2001 right outside Houston as a live-in rehab facility for the doctor’s patients, but randomly abandoned construction and then built a nearly identical brick house on the lot next door where they currently live. My bet? That place is haunted as f*ck.