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Gallery: 10196 - Cover

Pop Culture - Doctor of Temptations: Alison Dietrich


We knew Alison Dietrich when she was a captivating coed at the University of Pennsylvania with aspirations to “practice medicine among the palm trees.” Her photo in our “Women of the Ivy League” pictorial in the October 1995 issue certainly had us thinking warm thoughts. Now Dr. Dietrich, Alison has achieved her goal of practicing among the palm trees, but what she’s practicing isn’t medicine.

As one of the singles finalists on Fox’ Temptation Island, Alison will do more to inflict pain than foster healing if one of the guys leaves his girlfriend because of the mesmerizing M.D. It’s a good thing those guys don’t have a Cyber Club membership to see these EXCLUSIVE photos – if they did we’re sure they’d be lining up for a one-on-one physical with Alison.