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the newsroom cast

What If HBO's 'The Newsroom' Ended Like 'Animal House?'

By Neil Drumming

Alas, The Newsroom’s series finale is upon us. After three seasons on HBO, Aaron Sorkin’s polarizing, revisionist history drama about life (and love) in the service of network news will come to a conclusion this Sunday night. Technically, The Newsroom is a period piece; while it began airing in 2012, the first episode was set around 2010. You know what else was set in the past? That’s right, Animal House!

Now, The Newsroom might have its detractors but even fans of The Newsroom may find the series finale a little… lacking. So, I figured, why not tack on a little extra? What if The Newsroom ended a bit more like Animal House? Who wouldn’t want a glimpse into the future of their favorite characters?