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Gallery: 10518 - Cover

Zivity - Ancilla Tilia


Zivity: Spectacle Playboy and bring fresh talent to the Cyber Club! Members of both sites voted on the first pictorial theme, Girls with Glasses, featuring model Ancilla Tilia shot by photographer Conan Soranno. Soranno says his work is influenced by the jazz age, “a time of late nights filled with good gin and scratchy records played through tiny speakers.” The Playboy magazines he glimpsed growing up impacted his photo style. “Inside were well dressed adults, having intellectual conversations about things that I could only pretend to understand until years later,” he says. “And glorious pictures of naked women. Oh, those women. They were all so beautiful, glamorous.” Soranno and Tilia have partnered up for shoots in the past. “I’m drawn to Ancilla because she’s the complete package: brains, personality, and a subtle wit. She stops you dead in your tracks with her smile and the twinkle in her eye.”

Watch for future collaborative efforts and help us create more unique themed features with new models and photographers!

Hair by: Paul Spataro