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Pop Culture - Miss Howard TV: Ashley Johnson


Playboy Live model Ashley Johnson has been crowned Miss Howard TV September 2010 which makes her “the sexy new face” of Howard Stern’s TV service. She succeeds Playboy model Karin Noelle who occupied the Miss Howard TV title for August 2010. “I made sure I told every last person I came in contact with,” says Ashley on her win. Her Playboy Live experience combined with a college major in broadcasting gave her the boost she needed to make Stern’s cut. “I am incredibly ambitious. I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy being in front of the camera and I love to talk.” How do Ashley’s skills help score someone’s attention? “I full-on approach a guy or girl if I’m attracted to them,” she says. “I have no problem walking up to you in public and asking if you’re single and informing you of how sexy I think you are.” Our Ashley finishes in front every time.