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Gallery: 10591 - Cover

Cyber Girl Features - Audra Lynn & Sum 41 - March 2003 - 1


Cyber Girl Audra Lynn gives Canada’s bratty punks a backstage striptease.

How do four snot-nosed punks feel about snapping nudes of a Playboy model? “It’s kind of my fantasy,” Sum 41’s drummer and resident spaz Steve Jocz admits. “Well, my childhood fantasy probably extended to more than just a photo shoot. The first time I actually found a Playboy, I was eight years old. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to bone a Bunny.”

Keep it in your pants, guys – a chance like this only comes once in a rock star’s lifetime. During a recent Chicago stop on Sum 41’s aptly-named “Sum On Your Face” tour, decided to indulge the chart-topping groupie-loving goofballs from Ontario with a warm, sexy touch of Americana – specifically, Playboy Cyber Girl Audra Lynn in the flesh, all punked-out, ready to drop her fishnets at their command. Watch Audra rock Sum 41 backstage at a sold-out show in this Cyber Club exclusive.