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22 Pics that Prove Great Booties Look Great Covered in Sand

By Tyler Lemco

Who doesn’t like having a little fun on the beach? You can soak in the water, lay in the sun, or play in the sand. One thing that’s unavoidable, though, is the sand situation. You’re going to get it in your hair, in your bathing suit, and don’t even think about keeping your shoes or sandals clean. These things are unavoidable. Sand is pesky and unwanted and clings on no matter what, like an ex-girlfriend who won’t take no for an answer. The one and only location where a little sand doesn’t hurt, however, is on the butt. A small dash of sand on a nice rump is a beautiful compliment, like adding sprinkles to an ice cream.

Here is a collection of some of the best butts found on Instagram so you can start to get in that summer mind-state and get ready to have fun in the sun, beginning with Candice Swanepoel.