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The Best Tacos In All of Texas, Ranked

By Jaime-Paul Falcon

Tacos have been getting a lot of praise nationally for the last few years, but Texans find the idea of the taco as hot food trend laughable. The Hispanic community staple crossed over into the state’s suburbs and fancier restaurants long ago. And with a taco stand literally on every corner in every city in Texas, it’s easy to get bogged down with options. But fear not, as a hard-traveling Texan I’ve managed to eat a taco in every large city, small town, and highway gas station in the Lone Star State, and after years of research (i.e. eating tacos) I’ve managed to narrow the field down to the 15 best tacos this place has to offer. You’ll find everything from traditional favorites like tongue, and cheek meat, to non-traditional offerings like prawns, and waffle battered chicken tenders on this list. Because if one thing’s true about Texans, there’s literally nothing we won’t put on a tortilla.