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Miss May Brook Power Lives Up to Her Name

By Playboy Staff

Brook Power is a free spirit who follows her instincts. The artist, who is regularly hired by record companies, fashion labels and magazines, strives to live up to her superhero-ready surname—almost to a fault, she says. “My golden rule is to put others first, but I have a Native American stubborn streak,” says Brook, who is part Chippewa. She knows that fortitude has defined female icons for centuries. “Sacagawea, my role model, broke through the strict gender restrictions of North American culture. Before her, Native American women weren’t viewed as equals. As a female artist, it’s more difficult for me to achieve credibility, but I’m not bitter. I’ll take the added challenge, because gender equality has never been forced. Women don’t need the booster seat of affirmative action to be as successful as men. We can kick ass just fine on our own without a social movement taking credit for our successes.”

Go behind-the-scene’s of Brook’s photoshoot here.

Photography by Aaron Feaver