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Future Classics: 10 Cars of Today That Will Be Vintage Rides of Tomorrow

By The Editors

The vintage-car market is smoldering. Cars thought to be junkyard dogs 50 years ago are going for bank at auction. But not just any cars—the right cars. To find out which of today’s autos will be the hot vintage movers in their categories 50 years from now, we turned to McKeel Hagerty , who runs Hagerty, the world’s largest insurer of vintage autos. Jump in as he tells us which rides to drive and which to put in storage.

2015 FERRARI LAFERRARI “Ferrari has held bragging rights for the greatest supercar in various eras,” says Hagerty. “This is the pinnacle of the Ferrari in the hypercar era.” Base price for this 963-horsepower hybrid: $1.4 million.

2014 BUGATTI VEYRON “It’s a technological tour de force, with over 1,000 horsepower,” says Hagerty of this 253 mph French machine. “And the production run is incredibly low.” Pictured: the Veyron GS Vitesse, about $2.5 million

2015 MCLAREN P1 “McLaren owns the emotional high ground in the supercar world,” says Hagerty. “There’s just something about this brand that people love.” Base for this wildly cool British hybrid rocket: $1.15 million.

2015 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER “To have the first-ever sub-seven-minute verified lap time at the Nürburgring puts this right up there as the greatest performer right now,” says Hagerty. Base for this hybrid Porsche: just under $900,000.

2012 LEXUS LFA “A gorgeous car, and the only Japanese car on this list,” says Hagerty. Only 500 were built, and it’s no longer in production. “It’s an outlier, and it belongs in the club.” Base in 2012: $375,000.

2015 CORVETTE Z06 “I don’t know anyone who has driven it yet,” says Hagerty of the Z06, which was recently unveiled in Detroit. “But this is Corvette’s first legitimate move into the supercar realm.” Base price: TBD.

2010 TESLA ROADSTER In the future, people will look to this era for the first great alternative-energy cars, says Hagerty. “I’m 100 percent convinced we’ll be buying Tesla Roadsters at auction.” Base in 2010: $109,000.

2014 FORD MUSTANG COBRA JET “In 50 years,” says Hagerty, “the Mustang will turn 100. People will look back and ask, ‘What are the great moments?’” They’ll mention this 525-horsepower “off-the-shelf” drag racer. Price: $98,000.

2014 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA “I think this all-new Carrera is the ultimate 911,” says Hagerty. “While it’s fun to think about the faster versions, this car is so good, it will be collectible for a long time.” Base: $84,300.

2013 MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS GP “There has always been a place for smaller cars with smaller engines that give you a great experience,” says Hagerty. This ride is Mini’s most exclusive high-performance offering. Base: $40,000.

This article appears in the April 2014 issue of Playboy.