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Celebrity Photographers - Behind The Scenes: Flavor Flav


Flavor Flav used to “Fight the Power.” But these days, the Public Enemy showman is all about the love.

The finale of his VH1 TV dating show, Flavor of Love 2, nabbed 7.5 million viewers – the biggest audience in the network’s history. Befitting a rapper known for wearing oversized clocks and outrageous costumes, Flav’s first solo album, Flavor Flav, drops on Halloween. The timing was perfect for Flav to be’s next Celebrity Guest Photographer. Once he got the camera, Flav got down to business. “Gimme a little sexy facial expression,” he told Mary Jane. “Yeah, like that. Wow! Just be yourself, you move how you want to. That’s gonna make a man say, ‘Ooh, I want that!’ Yeah, that’s it, baby girl. Don’t move, Mary Jane, don’t touch that dial.” On the set for the photo shoot, Flav encountered some problems with the camera. “It’s the focus, man,” he said. “Maybe it’s you, not the camera,” Mary Jane joked. “You gotta focus!”

“I gotta tell you, baby, you’re so beautiful, you knocked me off my focus,” Flav said.

As the shoot neared the end, Mary Jane slipped off her panties and threw them at Flav. “A souvenir for you,” she said, with a huge smile.

“Guess what?” Flav shot back, grabbing the lingerie. “I’m keeping my souvenir.”