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Gallery: 13425 - Cover

Celebrity Photographers - Behind the Scenes: N.E.R.D


When Pharrell Williams and Shae Haley, two-thirds of hip-hop outfit N.E.R.D., strutted into Playboy’s Chicago studios, they coolly surveyed the circus-themed set, but steered clear of the 65-pound Burmese Python. They loosened up, though, when they saw the two beautiful models they were about to shoot. First, Miss March 2004 Sandra Hubby dressed down for her steamy photo session with Williams. The seemingly laid-back producer showed the same bravado behind the lens that he exhibits onstage as the group’s frontman. Then Williams’s long-time pal and N.E.R.D. bandmate Shae Haley took his turn behind the camera, shooting curvaceous Kori Adams, who previously worked with Tommy Lee for his stint as a Playboy photographer. “I’m a big fan of her work,” Haley said, with beer in hand and no hint of apprehension. “I’m not nervous – I’ve seen naked women before,” he quipped.