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Gallery: 13565 - Picture 8 - rob

Celebrity Photographers - Behind The Scenes: Rob Schneider


You would think that an actor whose most familiar character is a gigolo would feel comfortable around a sexy, naked woman. And in the case of Rob Schneider, aka Deuce Bigalow, you’d be right.

An experienced photographer, Schneider recently returned from a USO tour in Iraq where he shot pictures of Baghdad from an Army attack helicopter. That was definitely a thrill, but so was his chance to be a Playboy photographer for a day.

Schneider’s model was stunning brunette Cara Zavaleta, Miss November 2004 and a star of MTV’s Road Rules. Once on the set, Schneider was in complete control. With a confident ease, he directed his model into different sexy positions, had lights moved and asked for make-up and hair to be retouched. At one point, after taking a particularly sexy shot of Zavaleta with her nose deep in a leather-bound book, he broke up the crew, cracking, “Damn, you make me want to read!”

The shoot lasted about three hours and once it was a wrap, Schneider hopped on the set’s leather couch and posed for pictures with his model. Finally unable to hold back any longer, Schneider’s dog Oscar, who had been patiently waiting all day, trotted across the room and joined his master on the couch.

“Good boy,” Schneider said, surveying the scene. “This is exactly what you’re supposed to do – get me chicks.”