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Gallery: 13566 - Cover

Celebrity Photographers - Behind The Scenes: The Game


When West Coast gangster MC Jayceon “The Game” Taylor entered Playboy’s Santa Monica studio, on the eve of the release of his new album, Doctor’s Advocate, the classic bedroom set he found clashed mightily with his own personal style. No matter. He quickly took to the task at hand, assuring his model, Cyber Girl Cidney Carson, that he would take her to the next level.

“If she doesn’t become a Playmate after this,” he said between rolls, “I’m gonna have to see someone.” The Game has spent so much time on the other side of the camera observing photographers, he was instantly comfortable in his new role. One moment he was on his back shooting up at a perfectly posed Cidney, and the next he was barking for an apple box so he could snap an aerial view. He was in complete control, and wanted everyone to know it. When one of his crew piped in, asking Cidney to “Touch your hair a little bit,” The Game barked, “Hey, buddy, I say that!”

After that admonishment, it was back to work, but The Game was through with the girly bedroom set. A much more stark situation was required to capture his vision, and so the crew set up in the back of the studio in front of a giant, metal garage door. Cidney got into the spirit, donning a black, sheer one-piece bodysuit.

On the second set, The Game fired off several roles before spying a ten-foot, industrial stepladder. He asked for it to be moved in front of his model so he could shoot Cidney from on high. As he shifted her around and worked her out of her outfit, he ended up with an amazingly cool, stark situation – Cidney squatting down and leaning back against the metal door looking up at him.

It made for a beautiful picture, but it also made The Game laugh. Looking around the room, he said, “Why is there a naked woman in this alley? That’s what I’m thinkin’.”