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Gallery: 13567 - Cover

Celebrity Photographers - Behind The Scenes: Three 6 Mafia


By Rob. Walton

As chronicled on their new MTV reality series Adventures in Hollyhood, Memphis-based hip-hop outfit Three 6 Mafia is doing its damndest to bring the Dirty South to the wild West. As part of their ongoing plan to take over Hollywood, best friends and business partners DJ Paul and Juicy J tackled their next big challenge: Playboy guest photographers. The duo dropped by after hours on a Sunday night when they had our studio all to themselves. It’s a good thing, too, because it was a rowdy night. Fortified by beer and Patr&oaccute;n tequila, rapid-fire, wisecracking, populist Juicy J took the first crack behind the camera. Full of compliments and outrageous praise, Juicy J contorted his gorgeous model – Cyber Girl Jennifer Korbin – into all the right poses. Korbin, a milky skinned, ginger-topped gymnast, was easily able to comply with his acrobatic instructions. Onset Juicy J proclaimed, “I want to do something different!” Channeling his inner artist, he focused as much on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the photo session as he did on the bedroom set.

Next up, DJ Paul took a more deliberate approach to his photo shoot. “Say ‘grilled cheese!’” he coaxed, eliciting warm smiles from his naked subject. With his camera mounted on a tripod, he snapped one shot at a time before re-posing Jennifer and repositioning the cameras and lights for his next shot. This, regardless of the fact that the reflection off his diamond-encrusted grill was almost enough to light the set by itself. At the end of the long shoot, punchy and emboldened by tequila, Paul decided to represent the Dirty South accurately by getting Jennifer to pose in the bed clutching a bottle of barbecue sauce and a can of Bud Light. “It’s to put some South in your mouth,” he joked.