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Gallery: 13571 - Cover

Celebrity Photographers - Behind The Scenes: William Shatner


When the world’s most beloved Starship Captain swaggered into Playboy’s hallowed Santa Monica studio, William Shatner knew what he wanted and he knew how to get it. “I have been fascinated with photography most of my life,” he said. “I came here with the intention of not just shooting a beautiful girl, but photographing those parts of her that say something to me – the texture of her skin, the curve of her body and the femininity that we men like to look at.” Shatner took extreme close-ups of Playmate Deanna Brooks. Quiet, calm, determined and focused, he kneeled before Deanna and orchestrated the studio crew to shift the dozen or so lights around the room to get the exact “bodyscape” he wanted. When he was finally done, Shatner said, “The first five minutes it’s a naked girl, and after that it becomes an object to find those qualities that I was looking for – the golden hairs on her body, the curve of her breast or thigh….”