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Gallery: 7458 - Cover

Employee of the Month - Cheri Leah


PLAYBOY: How do we pronounce your name? CHERI: Like the fruit.PLAYBOY: Sweet. What is it that you do? CHERI: I’m a trip coordinator. I schedule flights for rich people at a private hangar.PLAYBOY: So when they come to your office…. CHERI: No, it’s all done over the phone. I don’t meet the clients.PLAYBOY: You mean they don’t use a pretty girl like you to drum up business? CHERI: I guess they don’t need to. It’s great for me. I can just roll out of bed, throw on sweatpants and head to work.PLAYBOY: Well, you do have a sexy phone voice and a cute name. CHERI: At least my name isn’t something boring like Sarah. I like having this crazy name. Thanks, Dad!PLAYBOY: Craziest thing you’ve done? CHERI: Sex on the beach.PLAYBOY: In the sand? CHERI: Nope. Cheri on top.