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Christine Sofie Johansen Is a Force of Nature

By Heather Hazzan

Christine Sofie Johansen is a fresh-faced beauty with effortless confidence. But you can see that, thanks to this exuberant upstate New York shoot by photographer Heather Hazzan. Now based in New York, the Danish model was discovered in Copenhagen at age 14 but just started modeling full-time two years ago. All warm smiles and breezy spirit, Johansen would have you think she’s been in front of a camera her whole life.

“I wanted to play up Christine’s intrinsic bombshell appeal with vintage dresses, bullet-shaped bras and Bardot-inspired hair,” says stylist Calvy Click. “Coziness prevailed on-set whether in overalls, stretchy knits or nothing at all.” We’d have to argue that glowing Johansen’s bombshell appeal prevails, no matter what she’s wearing (or not wearing). Suddenly, we have the strong desire to hop on a rope swing.

Photography by Heather Hazzan.
Styling by Calvy Click.
Hair by Hideaki Suzuki.
Special thanks to Uye Surana, Kent, Charlotte Stone, Uye Surana, Pamela Love, Free People, A Peace Treaty, Gossard at Bare Necessities, Cosabella, Lulu’s, Mr. Larkin and DKNY for Bare Necessities.