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Gallery: 12187 - Cover

Employee of the Month - Christine Stevens


Playboy: So you’re the master of the house?Christine: Yes, I rehab and then rent properties.Playboy: Would you consider yourself a handywoman?Christine: I guess. My forte is really painting and handling the trim.Playboy: What do you like best about your job?Christine: Going home, sitting down and having that first cold beer after a long day.Playboy: Drinking beer at home? It’s official: You are a handywoman. Shouldn’t you be out painting the town red?Christine: It’s too cold up here to be running around outside. What else am I supposed to do? In fact, I’m currently installing a beer tap in my house.Playboy: Do you have any work-related horror stories?Christine: My first renters were being evicted on a Monday, so that Sunday they decided to throw a party for the Vikings game and invited 300 people. They trashed the house. The cops came, and they even trashed two police cars. It was a mess.Playboy: The Vikings must have been playing the Packers. Why is a sweet girl like you dealing with riffraff like that?Christine: I can take care of myself. You’ll never see me pull any of that fake diva crap. I’m a real woman.