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Gallery: 3735 - Cover

Barmate - Christy Ann


Playboy: Hey there, this place is huge. Christy: Yeah, Sound-Bar is one of Chicago’s biggest nightclubs.

Playboy:Where should we hang? Christy: It depends on what you’re in the mood for. The lower level plays mash-ups and top 40 hits. The main floor is a combination of trance and house music and also where we have our special guest DJs, along with our resident DJs.

Playboy: We couldn’t help but notice you have quite the dancer’s legs. Christy: That’s from running up and down the stairs in five-inch heels. Trust me, it’s a great workout, especially for my butt.

Playboy: We don’t want you to have to run around for us. Can we order bottle service? Christy: Absolutely.

Playboy: We’ll take a couple of bottles of Sobieski vodka, please. Christy: Sure. And whatever mixers you want, we can keep bringing out.

Playboy: We’d love tonic, cranberry and grapefruit juice to start. Christy: And pineapple. I drink vodka with pineapple, if it’s okay with you that I make myself a small one.

Playboy: You can drink on the job?
Christy: We’re in a club. We’re supposed to have fun!


Mixing your own drinks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip. Also, ask for extra glasses in case you meet some thirsty beauties.