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Gallery: 26 - Cover

Classics - The Bosom in Hollywood


Being the further adventures of Miss June Wilkinson. In our September ’58 issue, we introduced American males to June Wilkinson, a kitten from Britain who, when she passed through Customs, had little to declare save a quiet manner, a demure English accent, and the thoroughly upsetting mathematics of 43-22-36. Since that time, June, newly blondified, has graced Hollywood, braving the rigors of sun, smog, stucco and casting directors, and generally having a ball. She’s made a movie, Thunder in the Sun, and has been on location in Brazil, filming something called Macumba Love. She’s also worked nightclubs with Spike Jones and appeared at Hollywood’s scantily-clad Ballyhoo Ball. Between and often during these activities, she’s been obliging the avid lenses of photographers, becoming, for a couple of excellent reasons, the most photographed young lady in the U.S. We thought nobody would mind if we got back into the act to report on June’s adventures in Hollywood.