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Emily Sears, Instagram @emilysears

These 30 Girls Know How to Take a Seriously Sexy Mirror Selfie

By Tyler Lemco

Phones these days have so many cool features. They aren’t just for phone calls or texting anymore. You can literally play games, organize your life, find love, and become a pro photographer all in the palm of your hand. One of the smartest feature of these “smart” phones is the two-way camera.

There are essentially two ways to take a picture of yourself: you can use the forward-facing camera to take a picture of yourself 4 inches away from your face. The draw-back is that you may end up looking like a startled animal with 4 chins if you take a pic this way. Conversely, you can flip your camera around, get in front of the mirror, and take a normal picture.

Still not sure what to do? Take a look at how these lovely ladies do it and maybe you’ll find some inspiration.