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1994 11 Cover

The Complete List of 1990s Playboy Covers

By Team

Forty years after Playboy published its first edition with Marilyn Monroe on the cover, the magazine’s influence on the sexual revolution around the world was undeniable. By the 1990s Playboy had over 18 international editions featuring its covers as far as Japan and South Africa. Playboy even became a symbol of a long denied freedom for Eastern Europeans when the Iron Curtain fell. And who can forget Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith — the Playmate cover stars of the 90s. Anderson had 13 covers to her name, more than any Playmate in history (and even a cover with Coneheads star Dan Aykroyd in 1993). And America fell in love with Anna Nicole Smith when she became Playmate of the Year in 1993. The momentum from the 90s carried Playboy well into the millennium.

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