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Creative Couple Filip and Faith Make Red-Hot Visual Magic

By Team

The relationship between the muse and photographer is a storied one, but few creative duos have a synergy as natural and effortless as Faith Picozzi and Filip Milenkovic. The couple works together consistently on projects, with Faith, a model, actress, and creative director, often posing for photographer Filip. Here, they talk about their process alongside an exclusive collaborative pictorial.

Hair by Preston Wada
Makeup by Nicole Chew

FILIP: We met rollerskating in Glendale. I was expanding my portfolio at the time and needed some new models. One of Faith’s friends tagged a picture of her. I clicked on her profile and was like, ‘Oh my god. She’s a redhead.’ I was looking to shoot one.

FAITH: I told him to go through my agency, but I did start following him because his Instagram was cool. I knew a bunch of other people going rollerskating, and we ended up at a dive bar after. From that night, we’ve basically been together ever since.