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Xálima Water Pavilion 23

This Conceptual Water Pavilion on a Tropical Island is Incredible and Needs To Become Real

By Team

When I think about the future, I envision flying cars, weird robots and super insane modern architecture that pushes the laws of physics. That’s what Spanish architect Daniel Martin Ferrero accomplished with his conceptual design of Xálima Water Pavilion, a multi-level complex incorporating outdoor pools, caves, waterfalls, underwater media rooms, tropical flora and crazy suspended staircases. The space is literally built under a mountain next to the ocean. Ferrero says he’s been working on this project for two years, and Xálima means “the Goddess of the waters.” Makes sense, considering this is pretty much the most badass private island I could ever envision. Even though Ferrero says the island doesn’t have an exact location, he says he was inspired by Halong Bay and Phucket in Thailand. This is tropical architecture at it’s finest if you ask me.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Martin Ferrero