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cover kaplan-twins

Exclusive Outtakes from the Kaplan Twins' New Creatives Pictorial

By Playboy Staff

Paintings depicting semi-nude selfies of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, their own bare breasts, imprints of their buttcheeks over Donald Trump’s and Andy Warhol’s faces, among others, and Kim Kardashian’s infamous 2003 sex tape: Identical twins and collaborative duo Allie and Lexi Kaplan, better known as the Kaplan Twins, are setting out to make fine art fun, thanks to a subversive approach and fascination with celebrity culture, self-induced exploitation and the concept of the alter ego.

As active on Instagram as many of their subjects, the twins are also not afraid to take the spotlight. Click through to enjoy the blurring of the lines between voyeur and visionary, and check out their New Creatives feature in full here.

Photography by Blaise Cepis

To see the complete pictorial, purchase the digital magazine here.