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What is it About a Girl in a Guy's Shirt That Men Like So Much?

By Joseph Misulonas

There are certain items of clothing guys love seeing a girl in. Bikinis, lingerie, whatever boyshorts are, etc. But for some reason there’s something very sexy about seeing a girl wearing a guy’s shirt. There’s probably some weird psychological reason for it, but sometimes it’s jut because the girls look really, really good.

Our friends at SmokSho sent us some incredible shots of beautiful girls wearing Treats shirts. Treats is a leisure shirt brand that ensures guys are looking fly while staying cool. Also, they look really good when you put them on gorgeous women, such as Natalia Barulich.

Be sure to check out Treats so you can look as good as the ladies in this gallery. (Ok, maybe not as good, but pretty close.) And check out SmokSho on Instagram to see more great pics.