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Pop Culture - Cries of Passion: Heidi Cortez 02


Guys love positive reinforcement in the sack – when a man hears a woman moaning up a storm, he knows he’s hitting all the right notes. Thanks to regular airplay on the Howard Stern show, America’s most famous acoustic acrobat in the bedroom has to be 23-year-old Heidi Cortez, the star of the SeXXXy Noises CD (

The CD features Heidi in a number of sultry sonic situations (coming out of the pool, in the shower) that all climax with her, well, climaxing. After playing clips from the CD for about two years, Stern announced that he wanted to meet Heidi. “[Stern sidekick] Robin said I probably looked like Star Jones,” Heidi remembers with a laugh. But when the busty brunette with the beautiful face showed up on the show, she blew Howard away: “He said that I was hotter than Cindy Crawford and he couldn’t believe it.”

We couldn’t either, which is why we flew Heidi from her home in Reno, where she owns and operates the Cabana Tan tanning salon, to shoot a pictorial in a Hollywood Hills mansion. “I had wanted to pose for Playboy since I was 17,” Heidi told us. “When you go over railroad tracks you’re supposed to lift up your feet and hold your breath and make a wish, and I would wish that I were in Playboy someday.” Now we’ve made Heidi’s and your wish come true.