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From Hollywood to Hollyweed: Playboy's Hand in A Iconic Piece of LA History

By Team

The Hollywood sign has been a rallying cry to the denizens of the world seeking the Los Angeles dream. For some particular pranksters, the dream of LA also includes pot, and on new years’ day 2017 they had changed the sign to read Hollyweed. This had us looking back at our own history with the sign, a storied one that Hef personally sought to maintain. Below are some pictures giving a brief visual look into Playboy’s relationship with the iconic sign, a legend of white letters that pranksters have now altered twice. Once in 1976 and again in 2017.

In the 70’s the Hollywood sign had reached its peak level of deterioration. Letters were falling apart, and the whole sign was threatened by its level of damage. Along with the Chamber of Commerce, Hugh Hefner helped raise nearly $250,000 dollars to support a more sturdy reconstruction. With steel beams and concrete basings, Hef and The Chamber of Commerce sought to make it a more permanent landmark of the city. This of course was aided by a swanky get together at the Playboy Mansion west, which some archival photos below have documented. Just two years after the 1976 Hollyweed prank, Hugh helped give the letters a more permanent upgrade that made their longevity possible. And in typical Hef fashion, he looked good doing it with beautiful women all around him.