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Hottest Women In Hip Hop

By Tyler Lemco

Ever since a 14-year-old Roxanne Shante first started rapping in 1984, females have been heavily involved in the culture. Throughout the years, there have been a slew of sexy women who could also spit hard lyrics with the best of them. For this list, I factored in many things. Firstly, they need to be hip hop. I was struggling to define exactly what that means, considering there is quite a large, confusing grey area (like, does BeyoncĂ© count?). I decided to let Wikipedia’s “genre” section make all the tough calls (sorry, BeyoncĂ©. Better luck next time.). Secondly, I took into account their attractiveness and sex appeal. After all, this is a “hottest” list for Next, I considered their skills as a rapper. If someone is smoking hot but can’t stay on beat or rap worth a lick, then they aren’t worth our time. So you can rest assured that these are the 20 Hottest Women In Hip-Hop: