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cover cenit-nadir

Cenit Nadir Posing in a Midcentury Architectural Masterpiece Proves Less is More

By Playboy Staff

Tucked away in the California canyons, high above L.A.’s hustle and bustle, Crestwood Hills is a secluded pocket of midcentury residences developed after World War II. It was here in 1948 that architect A. Quincy Jones, famous for his modernist designs, built the Schneidman House. A glass-cased masterpiece of minimalism, it provided the perfect backdrop for photographer Jean Pierrot, who wanted to capture model Cenit Nadir in a tranquil setting. “It was already a hot and lazy day in L.A., but here you can sense nonchalance on an even higher level,” he says. “This is an escape from the city’s overwhelming reality. It is the ultimate relaxation.”

Photography by Jean Pierrot