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Gallery: 12669 - Cover

Cyber Girl of the Week - January 2001 - Jillian Sundeen


“I thought I had a wild side,” Jillian May Sundeen confessed, “but this definitely threw me all the way onto the wild side!” In fact, she wasn’t even the one who set up her first appointment to meet with us. “My sister-in-law (the brat),” called Playboy’s Santa Monica offices and only then had Jillian send in some photos. Of course, we went to track her down the minute we saw the photos – which isn’t always easy with Jillian. This is definitely a girl who likes to be on the move. “I snowboard, shop (I love shoes), play soccer, softball, and I love to go clubbing! Did I mention shopping?!” We’re just glad we got her to slow down long enough for our cameras.