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Gallery: 6800 - Cover

Employee of the Month - Joy Glass


Playboy: What do you do?Joy: I’m a nursing assistant. I’m basically the eyes and ears for the nurses working with Alzheimer’s patients. Day to day the patients may not recall who you are specifically, but they remember if they like you and smile when they see you.Playboy: Can you give us an example of one of your duties?Joy: If a patient can’t get to the shower, I’ll give him or her a sponge bath. I was sponging one guy when his wife came in and jokingly said, “What are you doing, cheating on me?” He just looked at her and said, “First come, first served."Playboy: So you can’t be put off by nudity.Joy: I never have been. Maybe it’s because my family is from Europe. We’re all very comfortable with nudity. My mom is from Madrid, and Dad was in the Air Force – got himself a cute little Spanish wife, as I like to say.Playboy: Have you found a Dr. McDreamy?Joy: I’m more of a House or Scrubs person. If a guy can make me laugh, he can have my heart.Playboy: Ever dressed up as a naughty nurse?Joy: This past Halloween I wore one of those sexy little outfits you get at a costume store. But I didn’t use the cheap stethoscope that came with it – I have my own.