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Playmate Miss January 2013 - Karina Marie


WINTER WONDERLAND From ski bunny to Playboy bunny, Miss January Karina Marie hits the sauna Photography by Sasha Eisenman

Imagine the ultimate ski trip—on the sun-kissed slopes of Chamonix, perhaps. Now imagine the ski bunny who would accompany you. Karina Marie is an ace in her ski boots, but she’s even better après—after taking them off. “I am in my heart a cozy girl,” says the East London native. “I love to travel and ski, but I get bored easily, and then I’m ready to go back to my cabin, pour a lychee martini, light a fire and chill out on a bearskin rug.” Preferably au naturel. “I love fashion, and I’m a dangerous shopper, but I don’t like wearing clothes at home,” Karina says. “I like to kick back and wear, like, a pair of knickers. It makes me feel cozy and sexy.” Sexy is something she knows mountains about. Leveraging British reality-TV notoriety at the age of 16 on The Salon, she landed her first magazine cover at 17. Now she has a slew of TV commercials under her belt, plus shoots in Elle, GQ and Arena magazines. “Being in front of a camera gives me a buzz,” says Miss January, who will celebrate her month by ringing in the New Year in style. And her Playboy shoot? “Since I love winter but don’t like wearing clothes, I felt at home during the shoot. I started off in lingerie and a vintage mink, then got more naked. The only thing that would have made it better would be if God had dropped a man out of the sky for me.” And what would she have said to the lucky bloke? “Happy New Year, of course!”