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10 Times Kate Beckinsale Made Us Fall in Love With Her

By Team

Kate Beckinsale is easy to love. Back in 2006, she confirmed to Playboy that she was voted the “sixth most boring person” on her college campus, and it’s still hard to believe. Everything Beckinsale says sounds like a double entendre, thanks to her British accent and winning smile, and she is eternally stunning, whether she’s wearing a corset or a catsuit. As an actress, she has tremendous screen presence, and has played everyone from Ava Gardner in The Aviator to Adam Sandler’s wife in Click. Although Beckinsale is best known for her dramatic big-screen roles, including the vampire Selene in the Underworld series, she also deserves attention for her comedic work on a much smaller screen—Instagram. Here are 10 moments from her career that made us love her more than ever before.