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Gallery: 11355 - Cover

Kayla Love - Women of Playboy 02


In the year since she was discovered by Playboy, Kayla has been outfitted in everything from lacy lingerie to barely there jewelry to her latest accessory—some New York City precipitation. “I hope the neighbors weren’t mad!” she says. “It was raining and cold but yet somehow the photographer got me to roll around in giant puddles on a Manhattan rooftop.” You’d be hard-pressed to find chill in Kayla’s Cyber Girl of the Month feature despite the wet weather. “I really try to be in the moment when shooting. If you’re faking the pose or the emotion, people notice and the image suffers big time!” she says. “I want to send a big thank you to my fans! It’s been my dream to be a Playboy model since I was a girl. I’ve visited the Mansion and met Hef, so that alone was a huge change for me. I hope I get more opportunities to work with Playboy.”