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Kendra Sunderland Goes Back To The Library With Playboy

By Joseph Misulonas

Kendra Sunderland first came to the Internet’s attention when a video of her Deweying her Decimal System in the Oregon State University library was uploaded to Pornhub. Now the Internet can’t get enough of the 19-year-old “library girl” and her other Internet exploits.

Kendra participated in an exclusive shoot with, celebrating the location of her infamous video. This time around she keeps the action PG-rated, as she is currently facing a year in prison for her previous “study session.” To hear the full story behind Kendra’s trip to the library, check out this video she recorded exclusively for Playboy.

Ok, maybe it’s more PG-13, but this certainly won’t be ending up on Pornhub…we think.

Photographer: Marya Gullo
Photo Assistant: Stephanie Walk
Hair & Makeup: Karina Moore
Stylist: Maya Harris