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Kennedy Summers is Playmate of the Year 2014


Congratulations are in order for Kennedy Summers, our Playmate of the Year 2014. Tall at 5’8”, and possessed of a truly otherworldly beauty, with golden-blonde hair and blue eyes, Kennedy is a bit of a Jane of all trades – from international model and actress to medical student and surgeon-to-be, our Playmate of the Year has done it all, and she’s done it very, very well. Kennedy came to our attention when she submitted her Polaroids on, and right away, we knew we’d found our 60th Anniversary PMOY. “I feel so lucky,” she says. “Becoming a Playmate is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Playboy is a big part of American pop culture, and Hef is definitely an icon. You look back and see Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, all these great big names – and as a Playmate, I get to be a part of that.” Not just any Playmate – if all goes according to plan, Miss Summers will be our first PMOY to sport a white coat and stethoscope in addition to the Bunny suit. “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor,” says Kennedy. “Other girls got Barbies, but I got a toy microscope. Right now, I’m in my third year of medical school, and I’m doing a master’s in health administration at the same time.” With her beauty, brains and ambition, we know that Kennedy can do anything – but for now, we’re honored to call her our Playmate of the Year 2014.