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Playmate of the Month February 2011 - Kylie Johnson


Valentine’s Day bouquet of smarts, looks and love, Kylie Johnson feeds her soul with an array of passions – from John Steinbeck to the Pittsburgh Steelers to screamo bands. “I was a cheerleader for years, but I was the cheerleader who listened to hard-core metal music,” says the straight-A nursing student. (“If I get a C, stay out of my way!”) Though born in California (the goddess-like marvel of an African American father and a mother of German descent), Kylie grew up in upstate New York, where today she lives to snowboard at the region’s famous Kissing Bridge ski resort. “How cute is that – the Kissing Bridge? Totally Valentine’s Day, right?” So how does Miss February – who believes that being sexy means “being approachable and kind” – rock romance? “I’m very rock-and-roll, but I’m also very romantic. I’m always spreading the love – always! All I want to do is cuddle all day and convince you not to go to work the next morning. Let’s romance each other.”