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Gallery: 1100 - Cover

More Features - Barmate: Laila Rose


Playboy: A three-story bar in State College, Pennsylvania. Who would have thought? Laila: We have to pack all the thirsty Penn State students in here at the Mezzanine.

Playboy: You need a place this big to employ all these beautiful bartenders. Laila: I like to think we have the hottest girls in State College.

Playboy: You dress amazingly. Laila: When you have great natural breasts like these and dress revealingly, it helps with the tips.

Playboy: They’re certainly not an occupational hazard. Laila: Once I was shaking a cocktail and the top of the shaker flew off. The drink went into my contacts and all over my tits. I had sticky boobs the rest of the night.

Playboy: What else should we know about you? Laila: Well, I’m a crazy cat lady, I can’t dance, and I hate to brag, but I’m on a full academic scholarship to Penn State.

Playboy: What do you study? Laila: Film. I’ve also studied women in the media. After I researched Josephine Baker, I thought more people should know about her, so I created a drink in her honor. Here are a couple of Josie Bs coming up.

JOSIE B Fill a pint glass with ice. Add: 1½ oz. Bacardi Dragon Berry 1½ oz. Apple Pucker 1½ oz. Watermelon Pucker Fill with Sierra Mist. Top with splash of cranberry.