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Playmate of the Month October 1997 - Layla Harvest Roberts


At 22, Miss October is ready to be noticed. Layla Harvest Roberts grew up in Los Angeles and in Mexico City, where here mother was a famed model. Layla modeled here and in Europe, and last year she made a brief splash on Baywatch. Now movie producers are after her. We cornered her for an intimate talk in Los Angeles.

Playboy: How did you come by your unusual name? Layla: My mother was a bit of a hippie. She thought Harvest sounded pretty. Layla is for the Eric Clapton song - the original, fast version, of course. I’m lucky Mom had good taste in music; I could have been named Chicago Harvest Roberts.

Playboy: You were a cheerleader at Beverly Hills High. Totally cool? Layla: I was overweight and weird. They let me be a cheerleader only because I was a good dancer. Which I still am, by the way.

Payboy: But you’re no longer overweight and weird. What happened? Layla: Alicia Silverstone was in my class, and she was already famous. But I was friendless. Finally I decided to be a model, like Mom. I lost weight, got noticed by a modeling agent and lived in Paris. Paris sucked. It’s a beautiful city, but the people were mean and I was homesick. That was the end for me as a model. I quit. But then one night in Los Angeles, I was at a supermarket when a woman began following me. A lesbian, I thought. I tried to sneak away, but she came running up to my car, saying, “I’m with Elite Models! I think you’re perfect!” I was back in.

Playboy: Now you’re acting and dancing s well. You appear in the movie The Good Life with Sylvester Stallone. You vamped in Aerosmith’s latest video. Why did you want to be a Playmate too? Layla: It’s every girl’s dream, isn’t it?

Playboy: What film roles do you covet? Layla: In my cartoon fantasies I am Tara, a warrior woman who dresses in knee-high black boots and not much else. She is stronger than any man.

Playboy: How about sexual fantasies? Layla: They’re pretty much the same.

Playboy: How was it posing nude? Layla: Wonderful. What does nudity mean? It might only mean I don’t have on my favorite black vinyl lingerie yet.