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Gallery: 1834 - Cover

More Features - Barmate: Meganlyn Centeno


Playboy: So what brings you to Central Park on a sunny weekend afternoon? Meganlyn: I’m getting some air before I go to work.

Playboy: Where do you work? Meganlyn: All over. I’m a freelance bartender.

Playboy: Do you work at sports bars? Meganlyn: I love the excitement and rush from the people, but it is a bit overwhelming for me.

Playboy: You seem athletic. Are you into sports? Meganlyn: I’m a big boxing fan.

Playboy: No way. Who’s your favorite? Meganlyn: Miguel Cotto was my guy, but Manny Pacquiao always puts on a good show.

Playboy: How did you get into boxing? Meganlyn: I used to box.

Playboy: Come Again? Meganlyn: My brother used to box and I would go and work out in the gym as well. We even had a heavy bag in our living room.

Playboy: Ever been in a bar fight? Meganlyn: Almost. Once when I was working, things got hectic. I don’t think the girl yelling at me knew I could knock her ass out with a quick one-two combo.

MEGANLYN’S RASPBERRY MARTINI 1½ oz. raspberry vodka ¾ oz. Chambord Splashes of cranberry and sour mix Shake with ice, strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with a raspberry.