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Playmate of the Month February 2008 - Michelle McLaughlin


How many times have you sat down in a cafe and thought to yourself, That woman with the dazzling smile who’s filling my coffee cup is an absolute knockout. She couldn’t be more beautiful. Yes, please, you’d love a refill. That’s sort of how we found Michelle McLaughlin, the 21-year-old supervixen you see here. She grew up in a sleepy town in northern California, where she worked in a little coffee shop. On a whim she sent some photos to Playboy. One look at her and we knew we needed to fly her in for a test shoot. Voilà – meet Miss February.

A few things you should know about Michelle: She grew up in “a perfect family,” as she puts it, and she loves the outdoors. “My dad always took me hunting, boating, fishing and camping, so I’m the tomboy of the family,” she says. “On the outside I’m very girlie, but I love to get down and dirty and do things guys like to do.” For example, she likes going to baseball games. “My favorite team is the Giants, and Barry Zito is my favorite player,” she says. She studies psychology at a California college, and as for chemistry, she likes fun-loving guys who are not afraid to make the first move. Finally – and, yes, shockingly – she could use a date for the evening of Thursday, February 14. “I’ve never had an official valentine on Valentine’s Day,” Michelle tells us. “I’m hoping for a really hot one in 2008. Maybe this will be my lucky year!”