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The Stunning Modern Home with a 'Living' Roof

By Alyson Sheppard

Living roofs have migrated from the countryside of Norway to the forests of Brazil. Scandinavians have been covering their roofs with sod to keep out the cold since the Middle Ages. MM House, located in Braganca Paulista, São Paulo, has a grass roof to deflect the sun’s heat. Architects Marcio Kogan and Maria Cristina Motta of Brazil’s Studio MK27 say the roof seamlessly blends the home into the surrounding land. “The climate issue is key for the habitability of the house,” they say. “The green roof acts as an insulator, besides creating the peculiarity of the volume.” Built in 2012, the 7,700-square-foot MM House is laid out like a “t”: two perpendicular rectangles intersect on a single ground floor. One of the rectangles contains the interior living rooms, which have slatted wooden doors to deflect sunlight and increase the airflow. The other rectangle extends outside and includes a wooden deck and swimming pool. The two linear sections intersect at the center of the house, which is wide-open to transition the home between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This area provides permanent cross-ventilation and includes a lounge, bar and grill—perfect for when the residents want to kick back and enjoy a big plate of Norwegian fermented trout.