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Gallery: 3024 - Cover

Cyber Girl of the Week - April 2001: Natasha Podkuyko


When we told Ukrainian-born Natasha Podkuyko she had been chosen to be a Cyber Girl we were as charmed with her reaction as we were by her sexy accent. “Very excited and honored,” Natasha beamed. “I also felt different and stimulated. I felt really good about myself.” We feel really good about our 5'11" Black Sea beauty too. In addition to her modeling career, Natasha is a student at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She wants to open up her own fashion boutique after she decides to quit modeling, which we hope won’t be anytime soon. Natasha seems to be thinking the same way: She’s enjoying all the attention she’s garnering and says she’s curious about what will come next—including “If I’m going to become Cyber Girl of the Month.” Well, Natasha, that’s for the members to decide…but this pictorial is definitely a great first step.