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Gallery: 4981 - Cover

More Features - Barmate: Nicholle Lottman


Playboy: This place is jamming. Nicholle: Yep, the lunch rush at Porcelli’s Bistro is serious.

Playboy: What’s good to eat here? Nicholle: Everything—we have the best Italian food in Cleveland.

Playboy:The place does have that old-school Italian feel. Nicholle: It’s like being in the Porcellis’ dining room. We’re a big Italian family.

Playboy: Lottman doesn’t sound italiano. Nicholle: I’m honorary now; I’m in the family. The owners are like my parents, and the other bartenders are my sisters.

Playboy: Is this strictly a lunch spot? Nicholle: No, we have a happy hour crowd, too. We have great chemistry with the customers.

Playboy: They must have needed you during LeBron James’s “decision.” Nicholle: We poured more than a few drinks the night he announced he was leaving for Miami.

Playboy: What’s your drink? Nicholle: I enjoy wine. If I have a martini it’s on the rocks, and I like it a little bit dirty….

Playboy: Of course. We’re swept up in the Italian feel. What do you suggest? Nicholle: How about a basil cocktail?


Muddle two sugar cubes and four basil leaves. Pour in four ounces of Hendrick’s gin and add ice. Shake, shake, shake and serve in a cocktail glass.