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Chilean Beauty Lorenza Izzo Offers a ‘Mouth-Watering’ Experience in This Month’s No Filter

By Playboy Staff

Lorenza Izzo is an actress starring in the upcoming AMC drama Feed the Beast with David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess. We asked her to talk about her thoughts on food as part of this month’s “No Filter” in the Playboy magazine. Here’s what she had to say:

“Food porn will always be more pleasurable than real porn. In Chile, where I was born, we have a food-centric culture: Everyone comes together on weekends to grill steak and drink wine. It’s nothing like an American barbecue. We start at three p.m. and go all night. Nowadays everyone is obsessed with ordering from Seamless and watching cooking shows. We want to make our lives easier instead of actually cooking, just so we have more time to ourselves. But then what do we do with that free time? Life happens around food. It will always bring us together.”

Photography by Chris Shonting

Watch Lorenza Izzo speak spanish for Playboy here.