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map of ohio

Where's a Multi-Cultural Midwestern Gay Family to Live?: A Breakdown of Diversity in 6 Ohio Cities

By Nicole Theodore

A sperm bank in Ohio has created quite a mess after they wrongly impregnated a woman with the incorrect donor sperm from a black male. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon are now suing Midwest Sperm Bank for the mess-up, saying Uniontown, the city they live in, is “racially intolerant” and the error will cause indefinite problems. The couple says they now are unsure of how the community will treat their black daughter. You can read more about how it all went down here.

A 2010 Census sheet shows Uniontown as 98 percent white, and the couple has said they don’t believe their daughter will be treated equally in an all-white environment. But, is there really any city with a racial utopia? Therapists have recommended them to move to a more racially diverse neighborhood with better schools, even though Uniontown was ranked #69 on CNN Money’s “Best Places to Live” list in 2005. But a snap shot of Ohio shows that 82.7% of the state is white while only 12.2% is black. And even though the top 5 most populated urban cities in Ohio may have more of a balance in race, those numbers don’t necessarily equate to less discrimination. So how do Ohio’s most urban places compare to Uniontown?